Our Story

The roots behind Lulu's Boutique! 
Lulu's is a homegrown boutique from the coast of Florida! Lulu's is owned, loved and operated by Lacy Pettis, "Lulu". Lulu's was built in a tiny spare bedroom, as an outlet for Lacy while working a very in vigorous corporate job. As Lulu's grew Lacy narrowed in on the mission of Lulu's and was determined to provide a positive shopping experience for all woman, no matter their stature or size.  
Lulu's is surrounded by successful boutiques, but the determination was set out to make sure no one would be turned down due to their size, and no shame would ever be felt. Over the past 4 years Lulu's has done just that and had an absolute blast as we have played a hand in changing the outlooks that many of our customers have on themselves. 
Lulu's is more than just clothing, it's laughing, smiling, shaking off the body shame, embracing your flaws, making the best girlfriends, celebrating everything from new babies, new marriages, and even new divorces, Lulu's is truly a safe place for every women who purchases! 
We encourage everyone to join in on our VIP Group, to get a real glimpse at how fabulous the Lulu's vibe is! If your on Facebook just click the link below and head on over...